How You Can Improve Your Hand-to- Eye Coordination

Did you know we begin to develop hand-to-eye coordination from the moment we’re born? By the time a baby is around 9 months old, it can point, roll balls, pick up an object and recognise shapes. This is the beginning of hand-to-eye coordination and it’s why playing is so important for babies and children. What […]

How To Take Care Of Your Bones And Muscles During The Cold Winter Months.

Looking after your bones and muscles during the cold winter months. As we head towards the colder months of the year, with the low light levels it can seem harder to get out of bed in the morning, but for many people who suffer from muscle or joint pain, it can genuinely be painful and […]

How To Help Your Back Pain Over Christmas

How to help your back pain over christmas For many, Christmas is a time of joy, fun, relaxation and spending time with those we love. However, as the weather gets colder, many people who can feel like those old niggling joint pains seem to be worse than ever. Or perhaps the time off for the […]

Improving Your Self-Esteem and Motivation This Winter

As the winter months plod by, many of us struggle to maintain a healthy level of self-esteem and motivation, especially when it comes to exercise and well-being. Rather than giving up on looking after yourself, we’re here to explain the benefits Pilates can offer your mental health over the winter season – take a look […]

Prevent back pain this spring

How Pilates Can Help Your Body With Those Spring Time Activities After a long, dark and cold winter spring has finally started to blossom. With the evenings getting brighter and the flowers starting to bloom, spring time often brings with it many fun and exciting activities to enjoy and unwind with. From long evening walks […]

Did you know how you sit or lie can cause hip or back pain?

Did you know how you sit or lie can cause hip or back pain? If we sit or lie in the wrong position, we are changing the alignment of the spine. This ultimately leads to hip and lower back pain. The Hip Joint The hip, like the shoulder, is a ball and socket joint. Its […]

Releasing Tension From Your Back

Massage has long been a highly effective way to relax and release tension. By manipulating the soft tissues of the body, it lessens discomfort and improves overall well-being. Although, traditionally, massage will involve using fingers and hands, tools are also often incorporated into massage therapy to enhance and improve the experience. One tool that’s become […]

Weight Loss To End Back Pain

HOW WEIGHT LOSS CAN END YOUR BACK PAIN Why do your extra pounds hurt your back? Imagine starting the year not only a clothes size smaller but also releasing that relentless back pain and giving you back some new found confidence? Excess weight around the stomach can do the back little good. As a structure […]

Working from home? How to stop aches and pains.

How to combat stress when working from home Do you work from home? Have you noticed that you’ve started to suffer from back pain? With more of us home working than ever before, it’s become clear that there are some distinct differences between the office and your kitchen table. While the office is geared up […]

Supplements To Help Keep Your Joints Strong

Wondering which supplements for joints are the best? Read on to discover which supplements promote healthy joints, keeping your body moving to the best of its ability. As you grow older, it is important to keep your joints moving freely and pain free. Joint pain can arise for many different reasons besides age, for example, […]