How to combat stress when working from home

Do you work from home?

Have you noticed that you’ve started to suffer from back pain?

With more of us home working than ever before, it’s become clear that there are some distinct differences between the office and your kitchen table.

While the office is geared up for long hours of sitting behind a desk, your home simply isn’t designed for that purpose. It’s no surprise, then, that your back may be suffering as a consequence.

Kitchen Table Working Causes Poor Posture

In the office, adjustable chairs, ergonomically designed desks, and well-designed equipment ensure that workers are able to be productive with minimal discomfort. However, sitting on a hard-backed chair or, even worse, a stool, at an awkwardly shaped kitchen or dining table you simply can’t achieve the same level of comfort.

Perhaps you don’t even have a table to work at, and you’re spending a full working day sitting hunched over a laptop on your sofa? Either way, poor posture is the cause of your relentless back pain.

Long Working Hours Causes Aches & Pains

Many people who have switched to remote working in recent months have noticed that they seem to be working longer hours. Turning your home into an office means that there’s no longer any separation between your personal life and your work environment.

If you’re finding that you’re spending extra time answering emails, taking phone calls and completing paperwork long after you would normally have left the office, you certainly aren’t alone. However, these extended working hours can cause you to suffer from aches, pains and a lack of energy.

Poor Sleep Means Low Energy

When your workplace is also your living room, there’s no escape from the seemingly endless amount of work you have to do and since it’s seeming virtually impossible to ever “switch off”, the quality of your sleep can suffer in the long run.

Having plenty of restful sleep is vital if you’re to be able to fully recharge your batteries and remain productive, and if you’re constantly thinking about which project you need to work on next you’ll never be able to achieve the rest that you need, hence your energy levels will drop, and you’ll struggle to achieve your goals.

Pilates Can Help!

Pilates is an ideal solution to a lack of energy, body aches, and back pain. You’ll discover how to sleep more effectively, boost your energy levels, and, most importantly, ease the aches and pains that you’re experiencing.

Even better, whether you attend an online Pilates class either live or on catch up, you can take some valuable time away from your work, focusing on improving your well-being and enjoying some precious time for yourself. With Simon Parker Pilates, you can become healthier and pain-free.

So, are you ready to feel better and improve your well-being?  Sign up for Online sessions now and start your journey towards easier movement, reduced back pain, more restful sleep, and greater productivity while you’re working from home.