Turn your life around with a 12-week introductory programme to Pilates. Start your journey to an ache and pain free life.

Change Your Life In 12 Weeks

Do you struggle with regular, long term aches and pains in your back and your joints? Over time our joints, back, neck and just about everything else in our bodies can eventually get worn down and start to hurt.

Maybe you suffered an injury in the past that leaves you sore and stiff with limited mobility. If you have never considered Pilates before, why not give our Pilates taster session a try?

If you enjoy the experience and feel the benefit, you can sign up to our 12-week kick start programme.

The course offers two plans depending on your goals, and if you don’t like it within the first two weeks we guarantee a complete refund.

The Benefits of Pilates

 Pilates are a brilliant way to help loosen up your joints and get rid of dreaded back pains and niggles. Pilates can not only help reduce things like back and joint pain, but also prevent them from returning.

Get your confidence back by signing up to the 12-week kick start programme, and receive all of the help, support and mentoring to allow you to return to a pain free lifestyle. Some other benefits of the programme include:

  • Reduce your pain levels and get your body moving again
  • Friendly environment, no noisy or intimidating gym
  • Surrounded by likeminded individuals with similar goals
  • Step by step process to getting your body moving fluidly again
  • Helps create balance in your life

What The People Say

Sign Up For Your FREE Taster Today!

 If you want to help get rid of back pain and allow yourself to return to leading a normal lifestyle free of pains and aches, then why not sign up for our ‘End Relentless Back Pain’ Pilates taster session?

This is a great way to get an introduction to Pilates and everything we have to offer. It will give you a chance to experience the benefits of Pilates.  And to see if you would like commit to the 12 week Kickstart Programme.

Sound good? Why not get in contact today!