Massage has long been a highly effective way to relax and release tension. By manipulating the soft tissues of the body, it lessens discomfort and improves overall well-being. Although, traditionally, massage will involve using fingers and hands, tools are also often incorporated into massage therapy to enhance and improve the experience.

One tool that’s become very popular in recent times is the spikey trigger ball. Here, we’ll take a closer look at this useful tool and how it can release tension and pain in the back.

What Is A Spikey Trigger Ball?

A spikey trigger ball is a hard rubber ball that has spikey projections protruding from it. You can use it yourself to help relieve muscle-related issues, and they’re very effective in promoting good muscle recovery. Thanks to their small size, they’re also a very convenient tool to pack in a sports bag or take anywhere effortlessly.

How Does It Work?

Spikey trigger balls reduce tension in the muscles and boost blood flow by working on the body’s myofascial tissues. They work in a similar way to deep massage therapy, targeting the knots in the muscles and trigger points, and thus reducing pain and improving the overall range of motion in specific muscles and joints.

How Are Spikey Trigger Balls Used?

The simplest way to use your spikey trigger ball is to just lie or sit on it, using your own body weight in order to apply pressure on your tight muscles. Since you control the pressure yourself and are able to feel directly where the most painful areas of your muscle are, you can target these areas efficiently until they begin to relax gradually, reducing the pain.

Using A Spikey Trigger Ball To Release The Muscles In The Upper Back

If you’re experiencing pain in the muscles of your upper back, there is a simple technique you can use to release them. Stand with the spikey ball placed between a wall and the muscles of your upper back. Lean back, using the weight of your body to roll across the ball and apply pressure onto all the areas that feel tight. Use a gentle up-and-down and side-to-side motion which will relax the trigger points gradually and reduce your pain.

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Using A Spikey Trigger Ball To Improve Lower Back Pain

If you’re experiencing pain in your lower back, you can use a spikey trigger ball to help release the muscles that are causing your discomfort. Lie down on your back, keeping your feet flat to the floor and your knees bent. Put the spikey ball beneath your buttocks then roll gently over it until you feel a trigger point. You can increase the amount of pressure on the area by allowing the knee on that side drop outwards.

Alternatively, you can target these muscles while standing up. Place the spikey ball between a wall and your buttocks and use your own body weight to roll over it to find a trigger point. As soon as you find it, sustain the pressure or make gentle up-and-down and side-to-side movements which will help relax the trigger point effectively.

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Is It Safe To Use A Spikey Trigger Ball?

In most cases, it’s very safe to use a spikey trigger ball to relieve pain and tension in your back muscles, but there are a few occasions when it should be avoided.

If you’ve experienced any recent trauma or injury to your back, have bruised or broken skin, or are taking blood thinning medication, you shouldn’t use a spikey ball. You should also avoid its use if you’re suffering from any neuropathies, osteopenia, or peripheral vascular disease.

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