Looking after your bones and muscles during the cold winter months.

As we head towards the colder months of the year, with the low light levels it can seem harder to get out of bed in the morning, but for many people who suffer from muscle or joint pain, it can genuinely be painful and a struggle. Joints can often become stiff and sometimes even sore in colder weather, taking longer to warm up, and can sometimes in extreme cases even cause old injuries to feel like they’ve never healed.

This is due to something called synovial fluid, which surrounds our joints and allows them to move and function freely. The cold weather causes the synovial fluid to become thicker, impeding our joints ability to function as normal. This can be more prevalent for those who have suffered from previous joint or muscular injuries, stiffness or other repetitive strain type injuries.

Pilates has become a popular way for many people across the globe to mobilise themselves, get moving and help warm up their joints and muscles especially during the winter months. By implementing Pilates in your day to day life, you can assist with reducing joint and muscular inflammation as well as reducing things like stiffness and the discomfort that you might be feeling due to the colder weather.

How Can Pilates Help Me?

Luckily, implementing exercises like Pilates sessions into your daily or weekly routine can really help to warm your muscles and joints up and help you to get moving again, feeling less stiff. These slow and measured exercises with repetition really loosen up your body, allowing full range of movements to your joints which in turn helps with your muscular and skeletal structures.

You might be sitting at a desk all day for work, which can lead to issues like poor posture and bad spinal alignment, or you may be working in a manual job which forces your back, knees and shoulders to take a lot of stress over the course of the working week.

Pilates can help you to move more freely and helps prevent common problems like muscle spasms or joint discomfort by reducing inflammation around your joints and muscles, allowing more synovial fluid flow freely.

Not only are Pilates a healthy form of exercise that will get you active and get your blood flowing to keep you warm this winter, but they can also assist you with increasing your overall strength and muscle tone in many areas of your body, such as your lower back and core. Pilates also help to nurture any long term joint or muscle injuries, allowing for appropriate rehabilitation and can even help with bettering your posture.

Want To Experience A Free Pilates Taster?

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