Improve your running & prevent injuries using Pilates

Are you a keen runner that wants to improve your performance and reduce the risk of injuries every time you pound the pavement? Find out how Pilates can help!

Running is one of the most popular forms of exercise for a wide range of people, helping to begin, grow and perfect fitness goals and plans. When you think about the proven stress relief and physical benefits that come with running, there is little doubt that it is a trend that is set to stay.

However, if you are suffering injuries when you run or you aren’t able to reach your key performance goals then you may be feeling disheartened – rather than giving up or reducing your goals, why not include Pilates in your programme and improve your overall health.

I am here to explain how Pilates can make this happen.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is termed as a mind and body workout that works to improve strength, endurance, posture and balance. It was first designed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th Century and has become a highly regarded and accessible exercise regime for beginners as well as professional athletes.

Many Pilates advocates state that the exercises used in each workout are proven to improve flexibility and muscular activity, helping you to reduce the risk of injury and improve your exercise abilities as well as your overall physique.

How Can Pilates Help My Running?

As Pilates offers strengthening moves, your running will be improved as your body will become more muscular, lithe and adept at responding to different running styles. Some of the key areas of improvement you can look forward to include:

  • Better spinal structure
  • Better core strength
  • Better pelvic stability
  • Flexible hamstrings
  • Better hip flexibility

Each of these benefits will also improve your overall lower back health, making you quicker, more limber and better at performing a range of different runs, including sprints, jogs and long-distance.

Choosing the Right Pilates Moves

Whether you want to attend a Pilates class or complete a Pilates workout in the comfort of your own home, several moves are perfect for runners. Our top recommendations include:

  • Bridge – this move helps you to strengthen your glutes and stretch out your spine.
  • Clam – opens up your hips and pelvis whilst working your glutes
  • Swimming – stretches and straightens your spine as you improve your core
  • Hip flexor – stretches your hips and loosens your hip area

Adding at least one weekly session of the key Pilates moves will offer you an instant improvement in your overall strength, which will provide you with the running edge you have been looking for. Undertaking Pilates on a long term basis will also ensure that you can recover better after each run.

Try Pilates Today

Pilates has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to improving your running performance and helping you to avoid injuries that could potentially stop you from enjoying your fitness regime. If you are keen to try Pilates out and enjoy the benefits it has to offer then head over to Simon Parker Pilates today and book your taster session so that you can improve your running and reduce your injuries!

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